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Chinese Democracy Leaked! by quickfixx
July 3, 2008, 10:49 am
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OK, so after checking out loads of links to reportedly ‘leaked’ songs from Guns N’ Roses un-released album, and finding that they were very poor quality and probably very early demos I unsurprisingly had my doubts about this latest ‘leak’. However when i checked out some of the newly leaked songs, they definitly sound much more like any finished Chinese Democracy songs i have ever heard. OK, so it’s not classic Guns N’ Roses and nobody expected that, but i must say some tracks surprised me. Listen to this, and frankly it’s nowhere near as bad as i thought it was going to be, in fact i may even go as far as saying this is a good song!

 As for the rest of what i would call Guns N’ Roses (Ie Velvet Revolver) they’re still looking for a new singer, Sebastian Bach is a popular choice but it seems that he has been slagging the others off recently (he’s pals with Axl you see) so it would be an unlikely choice.


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look at this wbsite that me and my frnds made its ok were getting there is this really guns n roses o my fucking god if it is ooooooooooo and if this is guns n roses will u do a concert in ireland go to rataoth thanx

Comment by stephen

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