Ear to the sound

Towers Of London by quickfixx

OK, this should stir things up a bit! The British punk band have a similarity to Marmite, you either love ’em or you hate ’em. They have received both excellent and disastrous reviews since their creation but this hasn’t seemed to phase the Tourette brothers one bit. Playing their take on the Glam / Punk genre they hit the venues with sneering and spitting while Donny belts out tunes as if he is Johnny Rotten himself!The whole mentality behind the band seems pretty simple; “Drink, Fight, F*ck!”

Donny Tourette suffers from a terrible syndrome, its called “Donny-the-punk-syndrome”. Below is a chance for you to see some of the effects of this affliction.

To be honest it seems like most of the band are on a constant short fuse, they forever get into fights with locals or as guitarist, Rev puts it “Some chav with their hood up”. It’s not really surprising though is it, walking round a largely working class town with skintight jeans and big ‘Motley Crue’ hair isn’t going to get you much positive attention. Maybe this is why they have breeze blocks thrown at them. The Rev continued on to say that “you can only take so much sh*t in one night before you’re gunna do something back”. They even take their brawling addiction to the USA where ‘cheeky Americans’ get what coming to ’em:

However you view their offstage antics, it seems that the whole band has earned themselves bad names due to the aggressiveness of Donny. Constantly getting himself into altercations, he often finds his brother, Dirk coming to his rescue in the fight if not the whole band. Mind you, who wouldn’t want to ‘buht’ that guy who threw a beer glass at you on stage (not that there aren’t other bands who have weathered the storms of glasses and spit from the crowd before them).

The band also claim to be good not just at fighting but also in bed! After claims from NME that “Towers of London sound like a band who are not very good in bed”. Donny goes on to proclaim that “well i know at least 500 women who would disagree with that!”. Despite their bravado and their maybe over ambitious claims the fact still remains that you can’t judge a band by their activities.

Towers of London bring that ’77 vibe into the modern day with guitar sounds that are hugely influenced by Guns N’ Roses (TOL even supported GNR on a few UK dates) and a lot of influence being drawn from New York Dolls and also Oasis. The tunes are catchy, simple and pure Rock N’ Roll. The solos are definite winners and the attitude of Donny is clearly represented from the studio version let alone any live show.

However the band is in a bad way at the moment, despite all their claims. Rev and Snell (Drums) have left the band, and some fans (me included) believe that they will never be the same again. Some of the new songs release on myspace just don’t have that raw punk edge that were present on Blood, Sweat and Towers. Day 21 comprises of Jim Pursey (Sham 69) and it was announced that Rev and Snell joined his band this year.

Currently Donny, Dirk and Tommy are said to be recording for the new album which doesn’t have a title just yet. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but I’m not getting my hopes up for the new record, I’ll stick to the old album and reminisce about Good Times.


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