Ear to the sound


So, this is where I can express what I want and when I want eh?


Well, for starters I have a massive addiction to music. Most alternative music is up my street, though I have been dubbed the ‘Music Nazi’ many times before, so there is probably a lot I don’t appreciate. I would say I have a wide music taste, others would disagree but then who are they right?

The blog will basically have updates on recent events in the music world that i think either interesting, funny or relevant. I’ll also put up reviews on albums that I have just heard (not just ones that have only just come out!) and also bands that I’ve discovered and gigs I’ve been to.

This effectivly should work as a resource for like-minded music fans, where you can have fun reading with and either agreeing or slating my musical opinion, find links to websites bands that you may not have heard of and want to check out and also to discuss what is going on in the world or music at the time!


Take it easy













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