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Axl Rose – Fights with Fans (Videos included) by quickfixx

Axl Rose

Guns N’Roses’ Axl Rose comes in at No.1 for the sheer number of fan versus band scuffles he’s racked up. While other musicians have the odd angry incident hidden in their past, Mr Rose’s battles number too many to name. But let us give you our favourites. There’s was the time he stopped an Argentina show to tell off the audience like pre-schoolers (watch here). There was the time he stopped a Philadelphia show to tell the audience he had a “couple of major arseholes down here,” before threatening “a stupid m***** f****”. (watch here). And let’s not forget the time he confiscated the shirt of a fan he didn’t like and then had him thrown out (watch here). Continue reading


Jimi Hendrix – Lost Album (now found) by quickfixx
July 11, 2008, 10:24 am
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They say if you can remember the Sixties then you weren’t really there. That certainly seems to be the case for Crosby, Stills & Nash member Stephen Stills who’s just a found an album he recorded with Jimi Hendrix. Continue reading

Metallica – Death Magnetic Preview! (Some new songs and videos) by quickfixx

Metallica have revealed that they will release their highly anticipated forthcoming album in an unconventional box set.

In a posting on the band’s website, the veteran rockers said that ‘Death Magnetic’ will be available as a limited-edition Continue reading

Gas’ Vapourware Visualized With An Oscilloscope by quickfixx
July 10, 2008, 2:43 pm
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Here is what happens when you pass some raw electronic waveforms through a voltage to electron beam converter, aka an oscilloscope, and map the input voltages to Lissajous curves.

Pure analog in; analog out.

The music is ‘Vapourware‘ from the album Gas 0095.

Equipment used: Sequencial Circuits Pro-One, Korg Station.

The Cure – 13th Studio Album To Be Released by quickfixx
July 10, 2008, 2:30 pm
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The Cure

The Cure

The Cure are to release new singles on the 13th of each month leading up to the release of their 13th studio album.

The Cure, one of the most revered British bands of the past quarter-century, will release four A & B side singles, one each month. It began on May 13th 2008, leading up to the release of their thirteenth studio album, as yet untitled, which will be out on Suretone/Geffen Records September 13th. It will be the band’s first album of new music since 2004’s self titled album The Cure. Physical and digital singles will be available for purchase in store and on all digital partners. Continue reading

Velvet Revolver to find new singer on Youtube? by quickfixx

There has been some debate amongst fans as to wether the supergroup are auditioning singers online via video hosting sites like youtube. Matt Sorum has been quoted as saying that the audition process is aided by online submission Continue reading