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DJ Ashba joins Guns N’ Roses by quickfixx

djashba1 Guitarist and co-founder of both Beautiful Creatures and Sixx:A.M, DJ Ashba has joined forces with Axl Rose. It was announced that Ashba will replace Robin Fink on guitar duties for the tour supporting the band’s long-awaited album Chinese Democracy.

Here is the full text as presented on Ashba’s blog:


Guns N’ Roses is proud to announce that guitarist n’ songwriter Dj Ashba has joined the band for an upcoming tour.
Ashba, who officially replaces current NIN guitarist Robin Finck, is best
known as co-founder of hard rock bands Sixx AM and Beautiful Creatures.
“Dj’s a gifted, energetic guitarist that Guns N’ Roses is proud to have on
board!!” exclaims Axl Rose. “We’re very excited to have the
opportunity to work together. Guns’ radar has silently been aware of
Dj’s presence for quite some time! He brings a fresh approach to our
particular brand of mayhem expanding the tapestry of Guns N’ Roses
live. Once Dj’s name was in the hat, the hat disappeared!!” Continue reading


Axl Rose – Fights with Fans (Videos included) by quickfixx

Axl Rose

Guns N’Roses’ Axl Rose comes in at No.1 for the sheer number of fan versus band scuffles he’s racked up. While other musicians have the odd angry incident hidden in their past, Mr Rose’s battles number too many to name. But let us give you our favourites. There’s was the time he stopped an Argentina show to tell off the audience like pre-schoolers (watch here). There was the time he stopped a Philadelphia show to tell the audience he had a “couple of major arseholes down here,” before threatening “a stupid m***** f****”. (watch here). And let’s not forget the time he confiscated the shirt of a fan he didn’t like and then had him thrown out (watch here). Continue reading