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Scott Weiland – Solo Album out this year by quickfixx
July 11, 2008, 11:34 am
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There will be another solo Scott Weiland record before a new Stone Temple Pilots album.

Weiland will release the yet-to-be titled album in October.

Scott Weiland’s first and only other solo album ’12 Bar Blues’ was released in 1998, so this one comes exactly a decade after the first. Continue reading


Axl Rose – Fights with Fans (Videos included) by quickfixx

Axl Rose

Guns N’Roses’ Axl Rose comes in at No.1 for the sheer number of fan versus band scuffles he’s racked up. While other musicians have the odd angry incident hidden in their past, Mr Rose’s battles number too many to name. But let us give you our favourites. There’s was the time he stopped an Argentina show to tell off the audience like pre-schoolers (watch here). There was the time he stopped a Philadelphia show to tell the audience he had a “couple of major arseholes down here,” before threatening “a stupid m***** f****”. (watch here). And let’s not forget the time he confiscated the shirt of a fan he didn’t like and then had him thrown out (watch here). Continue reading

Velvet Revolver to find new singer on Youtube? by quickfixx

There has been some debate amongst fans as to wether the supergroup are auditioning singers online via video hosting sites like youtube. Matt Sorum has been quoted as saying that the audition process is aided by online submission Continue reading

Chinese Democracy Leaked! by quickfixx
July 3, 2008, 10:49 am
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OK, so after checking out loads of links to reportedly ‘leaked’ songs from Guns N’ Roses un-released album, and finding that they were very poor quality and probably very early demos I unsurprisingly had my doubts about this latest ‘leak’. However when i checked out some of the newly leaked songs, they definitly sound much more like any finished Chinese Democracy songs i have ever heard. OK, so it’s not classic Guns N’ Roses and nobody expected that, but i must say some tracks surprised me. Listen to this, and frankly it’s nowhere near as bad as i thought it was going to be, in fact i may even go as far as saying this is a good song!

 As for the rest of what i would call Guns N’ Roses (Ie Velvet Revolver) they’re still looking for a new singer, Sebastian Bach is a popular choice but it seems that he has been slagging the others off recently (he’s pals with Axl you see) so it would be an unlikely choice.